Security and Data

It's your data. We won't access it, copy it, modify it or share it. We will keep it 100% secure. You can download it any time. If you ever leave us, we will remove all copies.

We will keep your data 100% secure.


Security of your data is our top priority, to this end:

  • Only key members of the Easier Teamwork have direct access to the live database and all access is logged.
  • Secure access over HTTP (SSL) is provided with all "" domains.
  • If you ever delete your account, we will delete all your data from our servers after a period of 30 days (for safety).
  • All accounts are password protected (pretty standard).
  • We provide an option to require complex passwords.
  • All user passwords are stored in the database only after being passed through a one-way hash-and-salt technique (a standard practice for high security).
  • Real time data replication ensures we have your data backed up always.
  • Our data-centers have passed the SSAE16 audit.

It's your data. We respect your privacy.

Every file, document, images, task, milestones and byte of information you store with us is owned by you.

  • You can download a full copy of your database once every day.
  • Our "file backup tool" allows you to keep a copy of all files.
  • We won't copy, share or modify your data.
  • We won't even access your data, without your consent. Ever.
  • Only key members of the Easier Teamwork staff have access to the database.

Data Backups nearly every second

We take automatic database snapshots every few seconds so you can have complete peace of mind that your data is 100% safe.

We then keep each of those automatic per-second backups for 3 days, more than enough time to recognize and fix any potential problem.

99% Uptime Service Level.

We promise to maintain an uptime of over 99%. If we ever fail to meet this expectation, we will give you a week of service free.

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